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Want to Know Who You Write Like? ScoreIt!™ Can Tell You!

Knowing your writing style and genre is the first step in creating an effective promotion strategy for your book. ScoreIt™ instantly identifies the best-selling authors and genres that match your writing style.

A ScoreIt!™ manuscript analysis helps you:

  • Find and connect with new readers
  • See how books similar to yours have sold in the retail marketplace
  • Learn your top 3 matching authors and titles
  • Find the genres that best fit your writing style
ScoreIt!™ $134

ScoreIt!™Analysis Result Snapshot

Click the FAQs for more info about ScoreIt!™ and the technology behind its analytics capabilities.

Knowing who I write like provides a key data point for editors to consider when they're reviewing my drafts and evaluating how to best position my latest work in the retail trade book space.
– Dianna Hutts Aston
...ScoreIt!™ is the technology I'll rely on to understand where my target market lies and find the most loyal audience.
– Maquel A. Jacob