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Bowker is partnering with StreetLib, the leading global ebook and audiobook distributor. We make it easy to publish and share your ideas in the U.S. and worldwide through the largest international network of retailers, subscription services, and libraries.

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StreetLib offers many online tools to help you publish, promote, and sell your ebooks. And the best part is that once you publish with Streetlib, your work is available in more than 120 countries through retail and subscription-based ebook stores!

No upfront costs

You only have to create a StreetLib account, complete your billing profile, upload your books catalog and enable the worldwide distribution (with no exclusivity). StreetLib earns a distribution commission on the actual sales.

  • Choose from over 70 retail and subscription-based retailers for your book.
  • Set your price.
  • Get paid monthly via Paypal or Direct Deposit.
  • Self-service platform.
  • Live sales estimates from all retailers.

You’ll gain access to a huge global distribution network with minimal effort with our self-service platform. Don't hesitate — sign up today!

eBook or Audiobook Distribution

Streetlib makes it easy to create, publish, and distribute ebooks and audiobooks to worldwide book retailers and subscription services through a single dashboard — anytime, anywhere.

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