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Ebook Creator Suite provides solutions for ebook projects of all sizes

Thorpe-Bowker® Identifier Services offers products and services than can help get your book off the page!

eBook Creator .doc

  • Word documents only
  • Reflowable text up to 500 pages
  • 10 hyperlinks & 10 images

eBook Creator Premier

  • For Word, InDesign & PDF documents
  • Reflowable text up to 500 pages
  • 10 hyperlinks & 20 images

eBook Creator Flex

  • Ideal for children's books
  • Includes both Reflowable Format and Fixed Format, which is ideal for children's books
  • Unlimited hyperlinks & images plus many other advanced formating options
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Which Ebook Creator Is Right For Me?

The size and format of your files can determine the right ebook product for you. For example, Ebook Creator .doc is less expensive than the other two choices, but it requires you to submit your manuscript as a Microsoft Word document.

Please read these specifications carefully in order to select the right product for your needs.

Feature eBook Creator .doc eBook Creator Premier eBook Creator Flex
Input format MS Word InDesign, PDF, MS Word InDesign, PDF, MS Word, HTML
Number of Pages up to 500 up to 500 Unlimited
Images up to 10 up to 20 Unlimited
Drop Caps
Styled lists
In-line styles
Multiple levels of headers
In-book linked sources
External links
Custom table of contents *
Page layout One column One column One column, two column, sidebar
mathmatical formulas
Block quotes
Boxed text
Cover image format
(1600px x 2400px)
jpg or png jpg or png jpg or png
Reflowable text
Fixed format text **
Output format: epub included included available

* When ebooks are created properly, the main e-readers in the marketplace will create a Table of Contents. Most often, a Custom Table of Contents would require extensive work to create, and would be an index of in-book links, as most ebooks have a variable page number.
** Recommended Option for Children's Picture Books

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