Use QRPlus codes to engage and communicate with your audience instantly

There’s no limit to the ways you can use QRPlus codes to promote yourself and your books!

Use Bowker’s QRPlus codes to engage readers and promote interaction through their mobile devices. You can direct these potential customers to your website, social media pages, retailers — any online destination (URL) you choose — with just a quick scan of the code. The code makes it easy for you to connect with readers in a variety of ways. The sky’s the limit!

Maximize the value between print and interactive with QRPlus codes!

Here are just a few ways you can use QR Plus codes:

  • Make your books interactive with QR Plus codes printed right on the page
  • Share exclusive or supplemental content with your readers
  • Link to your author website or blog
  • Share your personal profile or contact details
  • Connect to book reviews
  • Lead readers to your social media platforms
  • Generate awareness of your current or upcoming titles
  • Provide an image gallery to complement your text
  • Share an audio or video file
  • Direct readers to retail outlets to purchase your book
  • Bring readers to a sign-up sheet to receive your newsletter or other messaging
  • Promotion/Publicity/Marketing: use QR Plus codes to:
    • Enable readers to preview book content
    • Generate interests pre- and post- book launch
    • Publicize upcoming events and book signings

And much, much more!

1 QRPlus Code


Get the most from your QR Plus Codes

Place your QR Plus codes wherever they can be seen and scanned!

Put your QRPlus codes where you think they’ll be the most effective in attracting and engaging readers. Your options are unlimited! A few ideas:

  • Place on Book jackets/interiors
  • Put them on Bookmarks and posters
  • Print them on business cards
  • Include on your collateral material: mailers, sell sheets, handouts
  • Make it part of your book display at trade shows
  • Feature them on other websites frequented by your prospective book buyers

Your Forever Code – you can change it anytime

Information embedded in static QR codes can never be changed. If you want to change the link destination, you need to reprint the code.

The Bowker QRPlus code is a dynamic code. You can retarget to another online destination anytime you want without having to generate another QR code. You’ll never have to reprint a book because you want to change the QR code printed in it.

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