Editing ISBN Title Details

Once your username and password are active, go to the MyIdentifiers.com home page. Click on the "My Account" button in the main navigation which will forward you to the ISBN Dashboard. On this dashboard, click on the My Indentifiers tab to access your ISBNs. Click on "Assign Title" button to modify your title information. We have conveniently organized all components of a title record registration into tabs to ease this process for publishers.

It usually takes several business days before new titles are added to our Books In Print© database once they have been submitted to us via MyIdentifiers.com.au and pending quality assurance checks. You will, however, be able to view all of the information you entered into the My Identifiers Dashboard on each tab within the dashboard, as well as on your SEO Title Cards.

You may print off a list of your ISBNs and titles from your screen. You may display up to 100 lines of ISBNs at a time. You may also download your various prefixes to your desktop. In order to get there:

  1. You will want to log into your My Identifiers Account
  2. Select My Account

At this point, you will be in your Edit ISBN dashboard. At the bottom of the screen, you will be able to expand your view, or click export.

The fields listed on MyIdentifiers.com.au are important to several major retailers and e-tailers, thousands of libraries and schools, and several top search engines. Bowker regularly has customers looking for particular types of books. If you take the time to complete this, you will be providing the maximum details about your title to your potential customers and, therefore, improve the likelihood that potential buyers will find your titles.

This may occur if the titles have an incorrect or outdated publisher name. You should contact us via e-mail at [email protected] to resolve this.

Once your publication is ready for sale, you are required to submit the title’s information for which you have assigned an ISBN, so it becomes part of the bibliographic database at Bowker. Then it will appear in Bowker Books In Print® and Bowker Syndetic Solutions™ allowing for discoverability by bookstores and libraries which look for publications to purchase. For more information, please view the Thorpe-Bowker Title Assignment Instructions.

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