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Books+Publishing is Australasia’s number one source of news about the book industry. Established in 1921 and published every day for 49 weeks a year and features, author interviews, opinion and pre-publication reviews of forthcoming Australian and New Zealand titles. Books+Publishing is read by all key decision-makers in independent bookshops, major bookselling chains, libraries and publishers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the region.

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Emailed to subscribers on Wednesdays, 49 times a year, the Weekly Book Newsletter is the book industry's number one source of news. It contains the latest publishing and book-related news, library news, job advertisements, classifieds, industry notices, events listings, author tour information and bestseller charts.

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On the Books+Publishing website subscribers have full access to all news stories, features, reviews and advertisements contained in the Daily and Weekly Book Newsletter’s, as well as breaking news, archived content and extra online-only opinion, author interviews and book reviews.

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