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Books+Publishing is Australasia’s number one source of news about the book industry. Established in 1921 and published bimonthly, Books+Publishing magazine contains in-depth features, author interviews, opinion and pre-publication reviews of forthcoming Australian and New Zealand titles. Books+Publishing magazine is read by all the key decision-makers in independent bookshops, major bookselling chains, libraries and publishers throughout Australia, New Zealand and the region.

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Emailed to subscribers on Wednesdays, 49 times a year, the Weekly Book Newsletter is the book industry's number one source of news. It contains the latest publishing and book-related news, library news, job advertisements, classifieds, industry notices, events listings, author tour information and bestseller charts.

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On the Books+Publishing website subscribers have access to the news stories, features, reviews and advertisements contained in Books+Publishing Magazine and the Weekly Book Newsletter, as well as breaking news, archived content and extra online-only opinion, author interviews and book reviews.

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