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EPUB is used for most eReaders, particularly Nook, iBook, Kobo, and is generally seen as the ISO standard eBook format.
MOBI is used primarily for Amazon's Kindle. While used by fewer eReaders, Kindle makes up a huge portion of the eBook market.

Linking Pages

By hyperlinking page references, you are agreeing that when text references a different page number in your document, you wish to support links that will allow readers to jump to the referenced pages when the eBook reader supports that capability.

Latin based languages include

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Reflowable Text

Text is reflowable when a sentence reaches the end of the allotted space on the page and it wraps around to the next line or over onto the next page. Most novels are reflowable text.

Fixed Format

Preserve the content to match your original design. They work best for children's books, coffee-table books, comic books, comic strips, and magazine-style layouts.

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